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Folk festivities

lamon-folk festivities

The deep bond between the people of Lamon and their roots finds a privileged expression in popular celebrations. Linked to the Patron Saint's Day, or other religious festivities, they have been preserved over time, becoming a precious opportunity for socializing and socializing. These include the feast of the Patrons Saints Peter and Paul (29th June), which is celebrated during the last weekend of June both with religious services and parades and more profane festivities; the popular festival of Our Lady of the Snows in Arina (10th August); the feast of Our Lady in the hamlet of Bellotti; the Ascension Fair, which animates Lamon in the second half of May  both with religious services and gastronomic and sporting events. 

The deep bond between the people of the plateau and their territory lives on in traditions such as the blessing of tractors and agricultural machinery, heritage of the ancient use of invoking divine protection on the activities of the fields, but you can also enjoy it by visiting the Christmas markets where it is easy to find objects of popular handicrafts that represent the traditions and sensibilities of the past.

A special attention for its peculiarity deserves, finally, the Festa de Majo, a feast of pagan origins that every year, between April and May, attracts tourists and visitors. The ritual is always the same: in every village on the plateau, young people choose the tallest and thinnest larch, cut it and carry it on their shoulders to the centre. Here they stripped it from its bark, leaving the top intact, tie a flag (the Italian flag or the fractional one, if there is one) and then raise the tree next to a chapel dedicated to the Madonna. It will remain there until the following year, when it will be replaced by a new plant. The end of the ritual marks the beginning of the feast, with people moving "from majo to majo" to toast and comment with a few jokes about which is the most beautiful tree.